• AM500-700x700[1]

    MAD Mucosal Atomization Device nasal/oral

    £3.75 ex.VAT £4.50 inc.Vat

    The MAD® (Mucosal Atomization Device) is used for delivery of atomized medication to the nasal, oral, laryngeal, tracheal and pulmonary mucosal surfaces. Reliable atomisation of topical solution across the nasal and oropharyngeal mucous membranes.

    • No needles
    • Less frightening for children
    • Consistent, reliable spray every time
    • Works in any position

    Item includes MAD – Mucosal Atomization Device (With 3ml Syringe)

  • Pocket BVM_9497 resized

    Micro Pocket BVM

    £39.95 ex.VAT £47.94 inc.Vat

    The Micro BVM is a pocket sized fully functional single use bag valve mask.

    The Micro BVM will replace any standard BVM by maintaining all the standard working requirements and operational possibilities while maximising storage space.

    It is Ideal for various emergency and clinical settings where resuscitation and breathing support to the respiratory distressed or non-breathing patient is required and where storage space is at a premium.

  • Nasopharngeal Ariway resized

    Nasopharyngeal Airway

    £2.95 ex.VAT £3.54 inc.Vat

    The Airway Nasopharyngeal (MAN®) has a unique rectangular flange design, which means the device sits comfortably for the patient there is no need for a safety pin.
    Key Points
    Unique and innovative rectangular flange design, no need for ribbon or safety pins.
    Soft material for ease of insertion.
    Latex free.
    Single use sterile product prevents cross infection.
    Made of clear material to enable blockages to be identified.
    One piece design, no parts to assemble.

    Image for Illustration purpose only

  • original_WSTE0148 resized

    Nasosafe Nasopharyngeal Airway

    £3.65 ex.VAT £4.38 inc.Vat

    Patient Comfort The swivel safety grip can be positioned so that it does not block the free nostril.
    Size colour coding The swivel grip is colour coded to match suction catheter size colour coding.

    NasoSafe® is best inserted when the patient is in the supine position. The airway should be lubricated with a water soluble lubricant prior to insertion. The rounded bevelled tip reduces mucosal wall trauma and guides the airway along the floor of the nasal passage. When correctly in place the tip of the airway should be visible behind the uvula.

    Reduced Risk of Injury During Intubation the rounded edge of the tip combined with angle cut design helps to reduce the risk of injury during intubation. Swivel Safety Grip The NasoSafe® swivel grip protects the Nasopharyngeal airway from loss in the nasal passage. The swivel grip allows for positioning of the airway in the most comfortable position. Reduced Risk of Patient Reaction.

    NasoSafe® is made of medical grade PVC and is implant tested

  • 1453-000 Cirrus2 with Ecomask and O2 tube

    Nebulising Oxygen Mask

    £2.25£2.95 ex.VAT £2.70 inc.Vat

    Cirrus2 nebuliser mask kits

    The Cirrus2 nebuliser has been designed to minimise the residual volume and reduce drug wastage. At a driving gas flow of 8 L/min, 77% of the volume output will be particles less than 5 microns in diameter with a mass median diameter (MMD) of 2.7 microns

  • AirwayandbreathingmanagementAM0030SurgicalAirway

    Portex blue line tracheostomy tube

    £24.95 ex.VAT £29.94 inc.Vat

    A simple efficient ‘speaking’ tube for tracheostomised patients with unimpaired vocal cords, who are on assisted ventilation.
    For use by trained personnel only

    Portex Blue line Tracheostomy tube size 6.0 cuffed

  • AirwayandbreathingmanagementBR0001PortexFrontLineChestdrainkit resized

    Portex FRONT LINE Chest Drainage Kit

    £44.95 ex.VAT £53.94 inc.Vat

    For use by trained personnel only

    This compact, easy to use chest drain kit, designed specifically for the military or mass casualty use comprises of a chest drainage bag folded to minimum proportions but ensuring no interference with the valve. The 28FR chest tube is connected directly to the drainage bag. The flexible introducer is incorporated within the lumen of the chest tube in order to maintain the curvature when packed.
    There is a 1 metre (3ft) “O” suture and a pair of 13cm (5″) blunt forceps for blunt dissection. Ideal for administration of emergency drainage procedures when seconds count and the working environment is hostile.

  • AirwayandbreathingmanagementAM0050Thermovent

    Portex Thermovent

    £3.25£3.95 ex.VAT £3.90 inc.Vat

    Provides effective humidification for spontaneously breathing patients whose upper airways are by passed by a tracheostomy tube. Device can be used for a maximum of 24 hours. Provides high level performance heat and moisture exchange to patient. Exhibits low resistance to flow and high moisture output which helps to minimise the loss of heat and moisture. Smooth round edges aid patient comfort. Clear housing gives an aesthetic appearance and allows visualisation of contamination. T2 HME allows simple opening port for quick and easy access of a suction catheter to aid the removal of secretions. T2 has integrated oxygen port that can provide up to 60% oxygen concentrations to the patient via the simplest of connections.

  • Airway&BreathingAM0029PositubeETPlacementDevice resized

    Positube ET placement device

    £4.50 ex.VAT £5.40 inc.Vat

    The Positube aids the user when intubating a patient, immediate verification of proper placement of an endotrachael tube or double lumen airway allowing confidence to oxygenate the patient with confidence.

  • sam chest seals

    SAM Chest Seal

    £19.75£24.50 ex.VAT £23.70 inc.Vat

    SAM Chest Seal


    WHAT IS THE SAM® CHEST SEAL The SAM® Chest Seal is our new occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds (also known as a sucking chest wound), a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax. This is the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. WHY THE SAM® CHEST SEAL Key features of the SAM® Chest Seal include its strong adhesive and its flexible construction which allows conformability over the wound. The adhesive properties have been tested to simulate various environments including adhesion to hair, sweat, blood, in the presence of sand, submersion in water, and during extended wear. The chest seal also adheres under extreme heat and cold. Another key advantage of the strong adhesion is its ability to reseal, making it ideal for venting the wound. The SAM® Chest Seal addresses other military needs including a larger dressing area, and by including a highly and rapidly absorbent 5″ x 9″ pad for cleaning the wound area before application.