• Media Bag (MOET)

    Iqarus Media Pouch

    £106.95 ex.VAT £128.34 inc.Vat

    Media bag developed around the MOET course

    The Iqarus Media pouch is designed around lone or group travellers who could potentially face scenarios whereby basic trauma and emergency care may be required.

    The equipment also includes a simple sterile needle pack that can be handed to a medical professional or be used by yourself, especially in remote and hostile environments where the sterility of equipment may not be known or trusted.

    Qty Product Description
    1 Black med pouch
    2 Pairs of gloves
    1 CAT tourniquet
    1 Triangular bandage
    1 Saline 10ml pod
    1 Gauze swabs
    1 Pack of Steri-strips
    1 CPR face-shield
    2 TyTek TM 6” trauma dressing
    2 Alcohol wipes
    1 Tough Cuts paramedic shears
    1 Sam Splint (not packed in the bag)
    1 Penthrox
    1 Sterile needle pack
    1 Paracetamol  – 16pk
    1 Ibuprofen – 400mg 12pk
    1 Buccal – 5mg – 20pk
    1 Loperamide – 2mg – 30pk
    1 Ciprofloxacin – 250mg – 10pk
    1 Salbutamol Inhaler