Haem control
  • HaemorrhageControlBDHC005CATTourniquetexmed17 resized

    C.A.T. Combat Application Tourniquet

    £19.95£24.95 ex.VAT £23.94 inc.Vat

    The most common tourniquet in use today within the worlds military. It is one of the best, lightest and simplest to use of its type. It is easy to apply and allows the operator to apply controlled circumferential pressure to a limb in the presence of a severe arterial bleed. This means that only enough constriction to stop the bleeding needs to be applied making it less dangerous than other non-controllable tourniquets.
    Its design means that it can be carried in a pocket or pouch while taking up minimal space.

  • HaemorrhagecontrolBDHC0008ACelox35g

    Celox Granules

    £16.67 ex.VAT £15.00 inc.Vat

    CELOXTM (pronounced Cell Locks) is a revolutionary new hemostat.
    Works independently of normal blood clotting factors
    Simple and safe to use
    Not Exothermic; will not burn the victim or caregiver
    works in hypothermic conditions and clots Heparinized blood
    safe to use for the entire body including, head, neck and chest wounds
    CELOXTM can be used as a fast, safe and simple emergency treatment for serious bleeding.
    CELOXTM is suitable for the military, first responders, hospitals, industrial first aid, emergency services, wilderness medicine, adventure pursuits, professional and amateur sports and of course, as a must-have for your home or car first aid kit.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The 15g pack is currently unavailable.

  • Z-Fold Gauze oct resized

    Celox Z Fold Haemostatic Gauze

    £32.50 ex.VAT £39.00 inc.Vat

    CeloxTM Gauze has proved itself in the most challenging environments when rapid control of severe bleeding is required.

    CeloxTM Gauze Z-Fold is the latest development of the trusted Celox product range.

    The new compact design for CeloxTM Z-Fold (14mm thick, 34g weight) allows multiple packs to be carried, makes for easier handling and reduces application time.

    CeloxTM Gauze Z-Fold comes in 5ft lengths, and is as effective as other 10ft and 12ft length products in filling a bleeding space.

    Whatever the situation, however serious the bleed, CeloxTM Gauze Z-Fold continues to tradition of the Celox range – stop bleeding, save lives.