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    Smart Commander

    £180.00 ex.VAT £216.00 inc.Vat

    Detachable external incident control boards prompt ordered reporting and assist with information at handover which speeds up decision making.

    The incident control boards are laid out logically and are compliant enough to be adapted to your own incident response.

    How to use

    The SMART Commander™ is sized to fit your arm, allowing you to move around the scene and providing you with a solid surface to write on. The waterproof control boards can be written on with a sharpie marker, providing a durable record of actions on scene that can be cleaned post incident with alcohol based cleaner or wipes.

    Inside the SMART Commander™ are map and plan holders, allowing you to take your incident response plan to the scene. The availability of relevant documents and plans provides the most effective way to direct resources.

    Storage pockets allow you to take vital equipment to the incident.

    Additional Control Boards are available for specific situations.

  • MassCasualtyMI0002SmartMC1Bag

    Smart MCI Bag

    £695.00 ex.VAT £834.00 inc.Vat

    The SMART MCI Bag™ gives a complete grab bag to respond rapidly with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event.

    Containing 4 SMART Triage Packs and 1 SMART Commander, the SMART MCI Bag™ will provide the supervisor with Triage for 80 casualties, a command and control structure and space to store additional MCI response equipment (not supplied).

    The SMART MCI Bag™ is the ideal resource to resupply an on-going incident or set up a medical command post at a pre-planned event (such as a town fair or large sports event).

    The SMART MCI Bag™ has also been adopted by many Emergency Departments as their frontline response to triage when receiving casualties from a large scale event.

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    Smart Tri Pack M.I.S.T.

    £180.00 ex.VAT £216.00 inc.Vat

    The SMART T.R.I. Pack™ allows you to perform rapid lifesaving interventions whilst conducting effective triage.

  • Smart Xtract SR

    SMART Xtract II Evacuation Stretcher, Black

    £228.00 ex.VAT £273.60 inc.Vat

    The SMART Xtract® II provides the ideal solution for rapid casualty extraction.

    Weighing less than 1kg (2lbs) the SMART Xtract® can easily be carried into the incident site and be available at point of injury.

    Rapid casualty extraction reduces rescuers exposure in dangerous situations.

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    £12.00£15.00 ex.VAT £14.40 inc.Vat

    The SMARTSafe™ is a quick and easy way to keep track of your patients belongings.

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