• Fast Responder IO

    FASTResponder IO

    £135.00 ex.VAT £162.00 inc.Vat

    FASTResponder is the newest sternal intraosseous device.

  • Media Bag (MOET)

    Iqarus Media Pouch

    £106.95 ex.VAT £128.34 inc.Vat

    Media bag developed around the MOET course

    The Iqarus Media pouch is designed around lone or group travellers who could potentially face scenarios whereby basic trauma and emergency care may be required.

    The equipment also includes a simple sterile needle pack that can be handed to a medical professional or be used by yourself, especially in remote and hostile environments where the sterility of equipment may not be known or trusted.

    Qty Product Description
    1 Black med pouch
    2 Pairs of gloves
    1 CAT tourniquet
    1 Triangular bandage
    1 Saline 10ml pod
    1 Gauze swabs
    1 Pack of Steri-strips
    1 CPR face-shield
    2 TyTek TM 6” trauma dressing
    2 Alcohol wipes
    1 Tough Cuts paramedic shears
    1 Sam Splint (not packed in the bag)
    1 Penthrox
    1 Sterile needle pack
    1 Paracetamol  – 16pk
    1 Ibuprofen – 400mg 12pk
    1 Buccal – 5mg – 20pk
    1 Loperamide – 2mg – 30pk
    1 Ciprofloxacin – 250mg – 10pk
    1 Salbutamol Inhaler

  • Iqarus Trauma Pack

    Iqarus Trauma Pack

    £468.75 ex.VAT £562.50 inc.Vat

    A uniquely designed bag with many different compartments, which allows for easy access to the equipment needed to treat the casualty.

  • iqarus-Medical-Professional-Bergen

    Medical Professional Bergen

    £1,512.50 ex.VAT £1,815.00 inc.Vat

    Medical Professional Bergen (MIRA course associated)

    In use globally by Iqarus medics this Bergen provides the user with a comprehensive array of equipment to treat life-threatening injuries and conditions in a pre-hospital environment.


    Description Qty
    Gloves Nitrile size Large per pair 20
    Oropharyngeal Airways size 3 1
    Oropharyngeal Airways size 4 1
    Nasopharyngeal Airways size 6 1
    Nasopharyngeal Airways size 7 1
    Nasopharyngeal Airway size 8 1
    Aquagel 3
    I-Gel Size 3 1
    I-Gel Size 4 1
    I-Gel Size 5 1
    Surgical Airway 6.0mm cuffed 1
    Thermovent Heat and Moisture Exchanger 1
    Scalpel disposable size 10 2
    Syringe 10ml 8
    Syringe 5ml 8
    Syringe 20ml 1
    Suction Easy Device 1
    Laerdal Stiff neck Select Collar 1
    Micro BVM 1
    Flexible Catheter Mount 1
    Bolin Chest Seal 2
    ARS Needle 14g (Export Only) 2
    Stethoscope Littmann Classic II SE 1
    First Care Emergency Bandage 6″ 5
    Combat Application C-A-T tourniquet 2
    Celox Haemostatic Z-fold guaze 1
    Celox 35g 1
    Kerlix Gauze large roll 2
    Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm sterile 10
    Waterjel Burns Dressing 10cm x 10cm 1
    Waterjel Burns Gel 120ml 1
    Burns cling film 1
    Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing 5cm x 5cm 5
    SAM Splint Adult Flat 2
    Triangular bandage Calico Hemmed 5
    Crepe bandages 15cm 2
    Kendrick Traction Device KTD 1
    Venous Torniquet Quick Release Large, Red 1
    I.V. Giving sets 3
    Cannula 14G Brown 2
    Cannula 16G Grey 2
    Cannula 18G Green 2
    Cannula 20G Pink 2
    Sleek tape 2.5cm 1
    Tape Zinc Oxide 2.5cm x 10m 2
    Steri-strips 6mm x 75mm 3 Pack 2
    Plasters assorted Washproof 20 pk 1
    Clinnell Hand & Surface Sanitiser Non Hazardous for air freight 1
    Clinincal Waste Bag Small 2
    Paramedic Shears/Tuff cut scissors 1
    Artery Forceps straight (Spencer Wells 20cm) 1
    Scissors blunt sharp 5″ 1
    Skin marking pen 1
    Penlight Pupil Gauge 1
    Digital Thermometer 1
    Accu Chek Aviva Blood glucose monitor, complete 1
    Accu Check Aviva Test strips 50pk 1
    Accu Chek FastClix Lancets 204 1
    Finger Pulse Oximeter 1
    Gluctose gel 3pack 1
    Cyalume/Snaplight 12 Hour 1x Red, 1x Yellow, 1x Green 3
    Sharps Shuttle 2
    Holmatro Window Punch Spring 1
    Petzl Tac Tikka Plus 1
    Poc-kit stretcher 1
    Smart triage card individual 4
    Blizzard Jacket 1
    5.11 RUSH 72 Bergen, Black/Sandstone



    * This is not the full content list, additional medications are required to complete the scale but can only be supplied with medical authority. Please for further details.

  • Pocket BVM_9497 resized

    Micro Pocket BVM

    £39.95 ex.VAT £47.94 inc.Vat

    The Micro BVM is a pocket sized fully functional single use bag valve mask.

    The Micro BVM will replace any standard BVM by maintaining all the standard working requirements and operational possibilities while maximising storage space.

    It is Ideal for various emergency and clinical settings where resuscitation and breathing support to the respiratory distressed or non-breathing patient is required and where storage space is at a premium.

  • Saviour Stretcher

    Saviour Stretcher

    £335.00 ex.VAT £402.00 inc.Vat

    This versatile stretcher is ideal for use in vertical rescue, confined space/restricted access rescue as well as hazardous environments; can be carried, dragged, vertically lifted and can float.

  • Smart Xtract SR

    SMART Xtract II Evacuation Stretcher, Black

    £228.00 ex.VAT £273.60 inc.Vat

    The SMART Xtract® II provides the ideal solution for rapid casualty extraction.

    Weighing less than 1kg (2lbs) the SMART Xtract® can easily be carried into the incident site and be available at point of injury.

    Rapid casualty extraction reduces rescuers exposure in dangerous situations.