• First Response Emergency Care / Medicine In Remote Areas (Combined Level 3) (TM) (Europe)


    From the original creators of the MIRA course, comes another industry-leading programme specifically designed for medical practitioners operating in challenging environments.

    Incorporating the best elements of MIRA with the new gold standard FREC Level 3 syllabus, the ground-breaking course will challenge the most seasoned remote/hostile environment/expedition medic.

    Students who pass the course will leave with updated and new skills as well as 2 accredited certificates from QUALSAFE and the ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS EDINBURGH respectively.

    The course has been designed by Industry and Special-Forces veterans, providing only credible and ‘Real-World’ knowledge and skills to participants, trimming the fat off most courses currently available. We focus on both gold-standard and improvised techniques.

    This Course has been endorsed by Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The Course complies with the teaching and educational standards of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.

    The FREC/MIRA Level 3 combined course includes:

    • Roles/Responsibilities of the remote medic
    • Catastrophic haemorrhage management
    • Advanced airway management including surgical airways
    • Chest injury management
    • Shock management including sternal intra-osseous access
    • Management of fractures/dislocations/sprains/strains
    • Minor injury management
    • Intermediate life support of adult/paediatric/infant/ third-trimester pregnant patients
    • Altitude and Polar medicine
    • Jungle and Desert medicine
    • Poisons
    • Burns & scalds
    • Remote pharmacology
    • Triage and mass casualty incidents in the remote setting
    • Prolonged field care
    • Bites & stings (with industry experts and live specimens)
    • The most immersive moulages currently available in the UK

    The course includes over 13 hours of practical scenarios and moulages, ensuring each participant receives the finest one-to-one training, benefitting from our Instructor’s knowledge and experiences.