• Media Operations Emergency Training (MOET)


    Are you media or a production crew operating in remote or dangerous locations?

    Do you have the life-saving skills to deal with complex medical emergencies you could encounter whilst in the field?

    At Iqarus we understand the risks the media face when operating in tough environments from conflicts to natural disasters.

    Our former Special Forces medical experts, who have decades of experience in supporting media and production teams, have designed a new training course that offers the ultimate protection. Media Operations Emergency Training provides deployed media personnel with the equipment and skills to manage life-threatening traumatic injuries and acute illness.

    For added security, bespoke medical kits issued on completion of the accredited training are linked to a 24/7 doctor on call system.

    77 journalists and media staff killed in 2016: (International News Safety Institute Nov 2016)

    Iqarus Media Operations Emergency Training delivers:

    • Life-saving skills, support and equipment to manage a complete range of scenarios including severe trauma, medical emergencies and exposure to intentional or accidental chemical or biological agent release.
    • Specialist UK training facility offering dynamic simulation space with desert, arctic and jungle sensory rooms and collapsible street scenes
    • International reach with the ability to deliver training in numerous languages
    • Comprehensive and bespoke medical kit and aide memoir on completion of accredited training, linked to a 24/7 doctor on call system.

    Training for any scenario anywhere in the world

    The course is modular in its design with emphasis on practical scenarios and the ‘how and why’ people are injured and how to deal with those injuries.

    • Ballistic Trauma
    • Road Traffic Collision
    • Acute Coronary Events
    • Infections
    • Travellers’ diarrhoea
    • Diabetes / Hypoglycemia
    • Climatic injuries
    • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRN)

    Capability will be generated through a short (3 day) course, providing the underpinning knowledge and practical experience through accurate simulation.

    The following is included within the course cost:

    • Role players
    • Casualty simulation
    • 24/7 top cover advice from rotational doctors for a period of 3 months
    • Personal medical equipment to keep after the course
    • Patient group directives and authority to dispense certain medications within personal equipment
    • Flash card for 24/7 contact valid for 3 months
    • Course materials
    • Certifications
    • Lunch each day
    • Pyrotechnics
    • Respirator testing